An introduction to Boron

Building a dynamic website
programming language]

By Kaj de Vos
September 2010

This presentation was originally a talk with the sub-title "An open source implementation of the REBOL modeling language", given at the Software Freedom Day 2010 at the Science Park in Amsterdam, hosted by the CWI, the Dutch Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science.

Software Freedom Day]

It introduces the Boron programming language, shows its distinctive concepts, and places it in context within the wider field of programming languages. Along the way it demonstrates how to build a dynamic website, minimising the amount of programming by way of modeling the problem domain with maximum expressive power. In fact, it is a meta-presentation, because we end up with a website executing a model of the presentation itself.

Besides Boron, we use the Cheyenne web server, which is written in REBOL, the language that Boron derives from. The presentation was given on the Syllable Server operating system, which includes Boron, REBOL and Cheyenne preconfigured.

The programs were tested with Boron version 0.1.5. With a few small modifications, they could be adapted to work on REBOL 3 or REBOL 2.

The source files of the presentation and website program are available for download:

- The presentation
- The page template
- Boron logo
- Cheyenne logo
- Presentation program
- Utility function

Excluding the logos, which are copyrighted by their respective authors, I publish them under the following license:

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"An introduction to Boron - Building a dynamic website" by Kaj de Vos is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The presentation is 16 "slides" long.
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